Friday, February 9, 2018

Designer Ann Lowe

Hi fellow bloggers, In honor of black history month we are celebrating designer #AnnLowe. Designer Lowe born in Clayton Alabama December 14 1898.  #Lowe was know as designer to the New York elite of the day. She design #JackieBouvier wedding gown to #PresidentKennedy September 12 1953. Because she was #AfricanAmerican, she was sent to the rear of the mansion when she went to deliver the gown and insisted there will be no wedding if she is not allowed through the front door. She was.. #DesignrLowe had many challenges in her carrier and kept at her craft. She had failing eye sight due to a severe case of glaucoma to which she later lost her right eye. In years to come her of fears came to pass as glaucoma started robbing her of sight in her left eye.  She kept sketching and sewing. She was told her sketches were better that some on the younger and sighted designers. She face distraction of her studio by fire, by a burst pipe and bankruptcy and the death of her only son who died in a car accident. As her skills were in designing and not money management she eventually lost her business.. #DesignerLowe died in queens New York February 25th 1981 age 81

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