Thursday, January 24, 2019


Hi guys, happy 2019.  I know its been a long time since I posted however here goes. I went on vacation in December to St. Kitts and was introduced to Yaphene Natural Hair and Beauty Products by my friend Angela Scarborough. As I have been a 'Naturlista' for some years now and have tried many natural products, I was excited to try a new product made in my home country. This product was created because of health issues in her family.
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I bought and used the Hydrating Hair Creme. All my previous experiences with "natural products" contained chemicals. When I use any type of hair creme, I find the simple fact that it has a certain consistency (like jello) that keeps its shape and that always seemed odd to me. Yaphene products, to me, seem to be soft in hot summer weather and cold NYC winter. I love that about the consistency. From using this product, my hair is longer and stronger; not to mention it looks shiny and feels so alive! I actually get the little whispers from random folks saying "Is that all your hair?" I am impressed with this all-natural hair product. I will be trying every item in the line and letting you know my thoughts. Yaphene now offers a line of trial sizes so you can actually purchase a few items to taste the goodness of this product.

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