Friday, June 16, 2017

Let's talk lingerie care

Happy  Friday
Let's talk Lingerie

How do you take care of your delicates?
Do you gentle cycle machine wash?
Do you hand wash in #Woolite,
#CastileSoap or just use what's on hand
I myself uses #CastileSoap on gentle cycle
I do prefer to use the lavender scent.
It leave my delicates smelling lovely
 and the fabrics are so soft when dried.
Using the correct detergent keeps the color bright
your delicates last longer.

Let's talk and share how we take care of our delicates.
#leoraleelingerie #lingeriecare #lacecare #silkcare

Friday, June 9, 2017

Happy Friday
"Let's talk Lingerie"

Ladies how do you wash your bras?
One of the best ways is in 
A lingerie bag.
It protects the closures, the adjusting slides 
and the wire.
Hang dry and they last much longer and the color stays brighter.
These bags are also great for stockings and socks.