Friday, September 29, 2017

Let's Talk Lingerie

Let's Talk Lingerie

"The Wire"

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The Wire Bra

The wire bra was designed in the 1500's
to restrain women's breast.
"weird", I thought, "as men always find 
a way to restrain us." Disclaimer no designer's
name was credited with this design.
In 1893 MarieTuex coined the wire bra as a 
breast supporter.
By 1907, the word Bra made its way to mainstream.
In 1912 Oxford Dictionary officially
accepted the word Brassiere as propper.
It would not be until 1913 when the Warner Lingerie company would accept a design by Marie Phelps as the standard bra construction that we know today. Even more astounding, is that it would take another 15 years to assign sizes A-D to this construction. 15 years with the same bra! Are you nuts?

Saturday, September 2, 2017

It’s a thong thing 

Let's talk Lingerie

It's a Thong thing

The thong was first created as a
novelty item in 1939.  "
Mayor LaGuardia in his wisdom to create
 some sort of modesty directed the 
parlour dancers to cover up "wear undies
The ladies chose to wear this novelty item.
Thus bringing the new panty design main stream.
No designer accepted credit for the panties.
 In 1974 designer #RudiGernreich was
 the first designer to accept credit for this design.
Black thong #laSenia 
Beaded thong #Etsy#
#Lingerie #entreperneur #women #nyc 
#designer #smallbusiness