Saturday, July 29, 2017

Let's talk Lingerie Happy Friday

Today LeoraLee ia talking about Panties History very interesting.
What's your favorite style of panties?
 I do enjoy a high cut brief. 

History of Panties

history of pantiesSOURCE
Underpants or drawers, known colloquially as "panties," were first worn during the Renaissance for function but were also used as a chastity device. They were described at the time as "helping women keep clean and protecting them from the cold, they prevent the thighs being seen if they fall off a horse. These drawers also protect them against adventurous young men, because if they slip their hands under their skirts they can't touch their skin at all" (Saint-Laurent, p. 65). As a result of their direct contact with the female genitals, underpants were considered the most risqué of garments, so much so that it was considered almost more immodest to wear them than not, as they not only concealed but also drew attention to the vagina. Thus, until the mid-nineteenth century, they were primarily worn by prostitutes and by little girls.

Friday, July 14, 2017

Let's talk Lingerie

Hi Lingerie Lovers
Today we talk Slips glorious slips.
We are in the season for 
the perfect slips.
 Lots of sheer dresses do
require slips.

Have you worn a slip lately?
Have you bought a slip lately? 
Let's talk;
Above vintage slips.
A modern version coming in 2 weeks.
happy Friday

Thursday, June 29, 2017

Let's talk Lingerie

Happy Friday Lingerie Lovers

We are closing out June with a freebee
Leora Lee Lingerie is giving away a  
lingerie care package.
This is my favorite Lingerie wash and mesh laundry bag
 It is sold at
it was designed specifically for Lingerie.

Lingerie Mate

To win this comment on LeoraLeeLingerie blog page.

Saturday, June 24, 2017

Let's Talk Lingerie

Happy Friday Lingerie Lovers

Let's talk Bra fit
Have you ever been fitted for a bra?
Everyone must be properly bra fitted
It makes  a difference as your clothes fit perfectly,
Once the foundation garments are right.
Your posture is so much better
and it relieved back problems.

Friday, June 16, 2017

Let's talk lingerie

Happy  Friday
Let's talk Lingerie

How do you take care of your delicates?
Do you gentle cycle machine wash?
Do you hand wash in #Woolite,
#CastileSoap or just use what's on hand
I myself uses #CastileSoap on gentle cycle
I do prefer to use the lavender scent.
It leave my delicates smelling lovely
 and the fabrics are so soft when dried.
Using the correct detergent keeps the color bright
your delicates last longer.

Let's talk and share how we take care of our delicates.
#leoraleelingerie #lingeriecare #lacecare #silkcare

Friday, June 9, 2017

Happy Friday
"Let's talk Lingerie"

Ladies how do you wash your bras?
One of the best ways is in 
A lingerie bag.
It protects the closures, the adjusting slides 
and the wire.
Hang dry and they last much longer and the color stays brighter.
These bags are also great for stockings and socks.

Friday, May 26, 2017

Inspiration for Lingerie

Let's talk Lingerie

Ladies lets talk.
Who was your inspiration for Lingerie?
Mine was my Mom.
My Mom always sleep in nightgowns
She wore beautiful lace matching underwear
I always wanted to be like her.
#WhyLingerie the book